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Asili Managed Services utilise Torque Majestic Interactive, a fully hosted database platform, bulk marketing tool and work force management system all in one.

Majestic is a lead generation and contact management, with fully customisable CRM and sales&work force functionality. The system has full viral marketing capability and gateways into Email, SMS and fax and voice.

Majestic is set up to be automated. Your business carries on as normal while the system grows, manages and regularly communicates with your customers and prospects to stimulate sales. The system is customisable which means you don't have to incur large development costs or wait days for simple changes to be made. This is a NOW solution that is managed by our partners at Torque.


Asili Utilises the Teleforge Range of telephony solutions across its business units and has achieved integration with both its CRMs. The Teleforge solution boast a number of unique features that make it a must have in any call centre environment. Teleforge main focus is creating custom integrations of voice hardware and software products focused primarily on the debt collection and security industry.

Teleforge has leveraged the functionality and scalability of the world’s largest PBX software solution - Digium’s Asterisk to provide a stable, reliable and flexible telephony system that ensures that we are always able to operate at optimum efficiency levels to achieve the best possible results


Asili utilises Swordfish Debt Collection Software to manage the debt collection workflows, staff and communications. Swordfish is used by banking systems such as FNB, RNB and Nedbank. Swordfish's simplicity and intuitive interface allows improved work flows and increases volume making it feasible for us to manage larger portfolios, the sms, e-mail and digital imaging module contributes to a clutter free call center environment.

Swordfish is integrated into our telephony system and operates on either predictive dialling mode or automated dialling allowing us to either decrease outbound volumes to increase inbound volumes and verse vice.

Swordfish has over 140 customizable reports, which allows us to analyse our collections data as and when required. The reports vary from payment reports, action histories, campaign actions, client overview, and debtor's details. All reports may be drawn on a portfolio level or individual account. There are several performance management tools which provide accurate statistics over collector activities and group performance.


Asili Managed Services utilise Real Pay Payment Solutions for all debit order transactions.

The founders of Real Pay developed a system to simplify payments and address the growing demand for electronic solutions, after they identified the need for multiple payments in Southern Africa

Real Pay is a multi-banked payments systems service provider operating in Southern Africa since 2006. They provide a web-based payments solution with real-time management reporting and information, and practical, innovative technology. The system may be implemented in a range of financial environments ranging from small enterprises to multinational corporations - fulfilling Africa's need for time-sensitive collections. Real Pay's 24-hour in-country and cross-border support centre, country-specific solutions and local representation further bolster their value proposition. Of utmost importance is their reputation as a registered and regulated service provider, promoting efficient and safe payments systems.


Asili is a registered member with the PSSF (Payment System Stakeholder Forum)

This allows Asili the flexibly and ability to link to various electronic pay-points including but not limited to electronic transfers, cash deposits etc. to any number of banks within South Africa