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Asili was founded in December 2010, as black owned and managed debt collections firm incorporating modern debt collection processes, systems and strategies to recover debts on behalf of our Clients. From inception debt collection was, and still is, the main area in which we specialise. Our focused approach combined with offering our Clients individually customised solutions to their debt recovery requirements, have allowed us to grow in the five years since the Company began operations.

A primary advantage is that we are a debt collections firm with a sound understanding of modern debt recovery principles through the use of our technology and call centre operations. This enables us to apply proactive early stage and pre-legal collection strategies. This experience has been brought to bear on our managed service solutions

Asili operates within the frameworks as set out by the Council for Debt Collectors (“CDC”), Association of Debt recovery Agents (“ADRA”) and The Payment System Stakeholder Forum (“PSSF”). Our membership numbers are as follows:

  1. CDC Reg.: 0043119/10
  2. ADRA Reg.: 866; and
  3. PSSF Reg.: B01235
  4. QSE 16 08 009 - Asili Risk Management (Pty) Ltd

Asili is a B-BBEE Contributor: Level 1

Leveraging on our experience as Call Centre and communications management we now offer Contact Centre Managed services that cover the full spectrum of requirement of a Contact Centre. This is from establishment to operation. We have successfully deployed this model and know that we can replicate it to other clients with similar needs.


Asili is led by a capable and talented team with experience from various sectors, especially debt collections and Call Centre management. The team mainly comprises of professionals who bring strong experience and business skills. Combined, the team has 40+ years of knowledge and experience within Contact Centre Management and debt collections.

The team comprises of:

Sylvia Basson
Chief Operations Officer

Sylvia has 23 years’ experience in call centre management and debt collections. Of this, 15 years have been spent in Operational Management. Sylvia is responsible for the Day-to-day running of operations and execution of collections strategies. Sylvia has worked at 3 of the leading debt collection companies, where she gained her experience working on collection for various municipalities, state owned companies and private corporates. Sylvia’s strength lies in workflow, business performance and book management.

Millasant Eriss
Marketing Executive

Millasant has 15+years experience in the debt-collections industry, with her passion for customer service, information gathering and sharing she has been very successful in relationship management and has relation to retail, state owned companies and municipalities in the past ten years. Millasant’s core function and day to day duties includes amongst other tasks building and sustaining our Client-base, managing Client relationships.
Sharing important industry news and ensuring that our collectors are familiar with Client branding and industry trends.

Busi Tshili
Non-Executive Director

Busi is the deputy chairman of Peu Group. Busi is responsible for managing the day-to-day activities of the Peu Group. To ensure she maintains a sound understanding of each business and is able to make informed decisions on day-to-day operations, she serves on the boards and committees of Peu's underlying investments including Investec Bank. She drives performance measures for the measurement of the businesses performance and consideration of efficiency versus effectiveness. Previous directorships include Super Group and Emerald Insurance. Busi sits on the Investec Ltd and Investec PLC Audit Committees.