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What we do

Asili Collections Offers, as an ultimate service, the collections of delinquent debt with the following suite of products and services as part of the standard collections offering:

  1. Reporting
  2. Management of Audited Trust accounts - for the purposes of Debt Collection;
  3. Bulk communications (phoning; sms; email; postage)
  4. Training of staff on client products;
  5. Coordination and collation fixing of debtor Information through tracing.

All our collections are done on a NO COLLECTIONS NO PAY basis with the only cost to you being the negotiated commission that we would charge on collected monies. Thus the service is on a risk basis and our fee is all inclusive.

Asili Managed Services Offers a suite of products aimed at helping clients realise cost and time savings in those functions where we have the advantage. Although the core aim of our business has been debt collections we have acquired and built a core skills and capabilities base in communications and communication operations management. This means that we are often able to manage communications departments more effectively (time, cost and utilisation) than can most organisation who do not have communications as a core function. We offer the following as part of this offering:

  1. Project management in the establishment of a communications function;
  2. On or offsite provision and management of personnel for the purposes of the communications function;
  3. Systems sourcing implementation and process management for the purposes of establishing a communications function; or
  4. Provision of a turnkey, managed communications function including personnel, infrastructure and system.