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What makes us different?


Ownership of Asili is with Peu Group, A black owned and predominantly black managed Investment holding and financing group this gives Asili a number of advantages:

  1. We are a truly empowered company and one of a few successful black owned and managed companies in our space; and
  2. We are able to leverage on the business expertise of our shareholder to provide solutions and products that make business sense


The size of Asili means that we are able to take on work that may otherwise prove to be uneconomical to other industry players. Moreover the size and structure of Asili means that we are able to:

  1. Act as a price taker (within certain pricing limitations);
  2. Act and make decision quite quickly; and
  3. Our pricing is very competitive.


Asili utilises a number of leading systems that have been specifically chosen with client needs and wants in mind. We have also taken the time to ensure that we choose only partners that have our interest and those of our clients in mind. Key to the choices that we have made in systems are the realisations that:

  1. Clients want results and not excuses and as such we needed systems that have been tried and tested;
  2. Peace of mind that we are able to adapt and change our systems driven processes to the ever-changing legislative environment that governs the treatment of confidential customer information; and
  3. Our systems have to deliver on the promises that they make to us because that is in turn the promise that we make to you as our client.

Human Resources

We believe that we have created an outputs-driven environment premised on our Total Quality Culture philosophy that enables us to develop our people and maintaining exceptional service levels and client satisfaction. Our debt collection staff members have a minimum of two to three years’ industry experience before joining Asili to ensure a strong operational pace is maintained.

Our operational team has solid experience and a proven track record in collections management across multiple industries including retail, telecommunications, financial services, business to business, corporate, security and healthcare as well as within the public sector. We also strive to be a market beater in the way that we incentives and remunerate our people.